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I Came to Believe

Wouldn’t it be great if G-d came to us in big bold moments? Moments that shatter the mountains and bring earthquakes and fire. Where we wouldn’t have to guess what is G-d’s will for us. It would be abundantly clear.

In getting sober, it should be so clear what G-d would want for me. Of course, if my life is so unmanageable then getting sober is the logical thing to do. But my life isn’t logical. Neither is my addiction. In fact, none of my struggles are ‘logical’ and I would guess neither are yours.

Taking a bird’s eye, intellectual look at my life and of course. Eat your vegetables, clean up your room. Be nice to your spouse and your children. Help the old lady to cross the street. Stop drinking, Stop doing drugs.

But, G-d comes to us in a still small voice.

Pay attention. Even if you think you see a fire or feel an earthquake. Take a moment and pause, to hear the voice. It may come from anywhere. Listen to your wife, your child, the guy in front of you in traffic. Maybe the message is simply to slow down, or to speed up, or to get in the other lane.

The good news about being an alcoholic or an addict in recovery is the knowledge that you don’t have to do it alone. I have come to believe.

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