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Synagogue Initiative

Events Coming Soon


Shabbat Programs

We have tools for organizing a Sober Shabbat program at your synagogue. Suggested readings and sermon ideas. Menu options and handouts to help you bring awareness and support to your community.

Let us know if you have a good program idea !

Painted Heart

Parent Engagement

Community and Caring

Using our tools for parent to parent contracts and curriculums to help create safe environment for our children and supportive friends of your friends.

Let us know what works for you.

Join us in making a real difference.

Misty Forest Reflection

Mitzvah Projects

Making a Difference

There are many ways that we can help spread the word and do the work to help our communities heal from addiction. We have opportunities for families to make a difference at bar/bat mitzvah projects. Our college students in Fraternity and Sorority life are looking for ways to actually make a difference in our community.

Let us know if you have a project in mind.

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