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Peer Support Projects

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Family Network

Surrounding each person who struggles with addiction is a family. Chosen family or biological, the family is affected by the struggle.


An addict can be explosive and unreliable. There is the struggle with what seems to be a clear choice. But we know the process is not easy.


It will help to connect families to other families who have experience to share. 

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Spiritual Counseling

Addiction has a spiritual solution.

We recognize that there is a spiritual component to the process of getting and staying sober. Many programs ask that you find a God of your understanding and yet have little to offer the Jewish community.


Here we want to help connect with a Jewish voice. Our site uses Jewish thinking and Jewish theology. We hope you find inspiration and connection with the text.


If you are looking for more, we offer the ability to connect with a Rabbi or other Jewish resources. Join our program and you can access our network.

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Addict to Addict

Join our network of support. Together we can provide the support support for each other. The critical key to success is in knowing you are not alone. 

We are here to help connect one person to another person. Share your experience. Help each other with the challenges that face everyone who struggles with addiction.

Someone with more experience can offer suggestions. Those with less experience can offer perspective. 

Everyone has value.

Join us in making a real difference.

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