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Its all part of the journey

The Talmud tells us:

“Yeshuat Hashem ke’heref ayin”

“The salvation of Hashem (G-d) can come like the blink of an eye”

And as Joseph stands before Pharaoh, perhaps he finally starts to realize this was all part of a bigger picture. It was not the brothers who had thrown him in that pit all those years ago; Hashem had placed him in that pit; indeed, Hashem had been guiding his journey all these years.

In fact, it is fascinating to note that Joseph as a young lad dreamed of wheat bushels bowing down, and Pharaoh dreamed of wheat stalks being consumed, and it was through the storing of wheat and its later barter that Joseph becomes the instrument for G-d’s plan causing the brothers to eventually come down to Egypt.

And of course, the brothers’ coming to Egypt leads to the eventual servitude of the Jews in Egypt which itself leads to the eventual Exodus which of course leads to the giving of the Torah and the Ten Commandments and the Jews’ eventual return to the land of Israel… because it’s all part of Hashem’s plan….

Perhaps Joseph realizes: that pit was not a setback at all; it was all part of the journey.

And that pit was what allowed Joseph not just to stand before Pharaoh, but to stand before him with humility which was probably why he was appointed viceroy….

Sometimes we find ourselves in the pit of life, and things all seem to be headed in the wrong direction. But there is always a bigger picture; we just don’t usually get to see it. And though it may seem the wrong direction to us, Hashem is a pretty good navigator. If we live long enough, sometimes we get a glimpse of where that journey was really taking us all along.

Don't leave before the miracle !

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