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The Seder To Set You Free

Each Jewish holiday is a lesson in life. Passover is freedom.

It's the type of freedom that has given the Jewish people it's power to survive and to thrive. It's not a freedom of the body as much as a freedom of the spirit.

And this same freedom is available at Passover-time to help you achieve whatever you want. A person with true freedom knows no bounds and can achieve whatever they wish. They are free to change themselves and change the world!

If you understood that at this seder holds the keys to achieving all you wished in life, morning would come, and as the Haggadah points out, you wouldn't even notice.

On Sukkot we focus on increasing our joy in life. On Rosh Hashana we commit to working on getting better goals. On Yom Kippur we try and increase our sense of regret. However, on Passover, the holiday of freedom we come into the holiday believing we are free.

The challenge of the Haggadah is to appreciate that this may not be true.

Slavery takes many forms; not all shackles are made of iron. Once slavery becomes a way of life, the slave may even become unaware of his own servitude. Passover is a "virtual reality experience" in freedom - and the Haggadah is our guidebook. It assists each Jew in unearthing his own slavery.

The Seder is a seminar on how to be truly free, and on Passover night we reenact the transformation of leaving Egypt, from slavery to freedom. And through this reenactment, we can achieve for ourselves what the Jewish people achieved 3500 year ago.

This freedom and ability did not come through force of arms. It came through the experience of freedom, anyone who experiences true freedom is capable of remarkable achievements.

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