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This week in Shabbat News…

I did something different this week. I was at synagogue on Saturday morning. Engaged in a great conversation with my cousin and friend and regular at the main service, we walked to put down his tallis (he has his own shelf in the exec directors office) and then we went into kiddish.

We were talking all the way. And, as is his tradition we walked straight to the l’chiam table (where they keep open bottles of liquor meant to make a toast to Shabbat.

One side of the table has the bottles, the other side a percolator of hot coffee. He went to one side, I went to the other. But then when we came together, I made the toast. L’chiam!

And he and two other friends who were there all clinked the coffee cup and plastic shot glasses. Celebrating Shabbat doesn’t require taking a sip of alcohol. Who knew?

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